We both understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be. Yet, you have always had a way of lowering my mask and see the real me.
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Her soft lips caressed his mouth like a newly-awakened flame, warming his cold ones like a steel blade tipped with fire. The newly found warmth from her hot lips flared, like Titan torches flinging flakes of flame and embers in the passionate air. It folded him in a sheet of molten gold, firmly fitting him in place, as a marble stone accurately hewn and polished. Her kiss conveyed her frustration, her conflictions and troubles. Within that kiss, it was her sole attempt to heal his thoughts with the tender touch of her lips. Kaname’s heart filled as cloud with fire.

She released a small, muffled moan into his mouth, enticing a groan to escape from his yearning mouth. Before long, her face pressed closely into his chest, heaving a heavy sigh in response. Kaname could feel the warmth of her breath seep through his clothing, kindling a trail of goose bumps down his arm. Her nimble fingers played and lightly tugged against his hair, massaging the back of his neck in soothing, circular motions. She did not wish to look at him, not even make the slightest eye contact.


“Yuuki,” Kaname softly called to her, tightening his hold around her figure that bended like an elegant willow bough, “to put the blame on yourself and not share the responsibility with me…How selfless of you. Whether you choose to look and accept the present as it is now or later is not important. The fact that you choose to continue moving forward is of great meaning; do not place the burden of simply making me happy in the way of that objective. It’s alright, Yuuki.”

Yuuki, do not shoulder the blame by yourself. To be alone can only lead to pain and further suffering.

 Kaname sensed her lean into him and bury her face into the crook of his neck. She inhaled his scent, clenching onto the thickness of his coat. Her small arms shyly pressed his chest against hers, getting her close enough to bend his head forward to kiss his cheek, feeling his arm move with her breathing in unison. The pureblood could feel her heartbeat against his chest, allowing their silent harmonies to join with the other in a harmonious duet. They remained the way they were for countless minutes, enjoying the feel of the other and their cherished time. Although they had often been in the company of the other for past week, it never seemed to be enough for either of them, as before long, the pair would be separated by their inescapable duties. And while their tender moments seemed numerous, to both of them it seemed fleeting and hardly ever that they could embrace in such a way.


Wrapping his fingers around her frail hand, Kaname caught her wrist effortlessly, stooping to place a gentle kiss on the inside of her palm. “Do not discredit your efforts so frivolously. If you should be in danger, I will protect you. If you should be troubled, I will be there to comfort you. I can only ask that you will allow me to pry into your thoughts a little more, in order to understand how I can be of help to you. Yuuki, allow me to force these little whims on you.” Kaname’s hand moved to cup her cheek, allowing his thumb to stroke her gently. “But above all, I will be your sanctuary.”

Hearing her words, Kaname took his time to examine her. She was beautiful was always, but lately, even with her natural beauty, she seemed to glow almost. The corner of his mouth lifted in a faint smile upon hearing her confession. His love and devotion for her festered in his heart like buried thorns in the flesh. There were no bounds to his devotion to her, nor question as to the extent he would go to. Her safety within the world stood as the greatest purpose behind his existence. If the life he had promised to protect vanished, the need to go on living would also die along with it.

There was no instinct like that of the heart.

The wall of his reserve crumbled at this sign of her tenderness. His eyes widened for a fraction of a second, before they softened, trailing his gaze to the side. At times he feared that Yuuki knew him too well to the point of where his darkest secrets were fully exposed to the light.


His tone softened as his eyes found hers. “Very well then.”

Not approval or passive action, but the skimming of the water’s surface of a bat’s wing became the lingering evidence of their presence within the silent garden. The sun climbed lazily into the waiting embrace of the morning sky …

Although brief and short, that simple touch of her warm lips against his cold ones awoke something inside her, a feeling so deep and strong to make her heart flutter, and her body tremble in the safety of his embrace. If it was her own choice, she would have never let him go, for he was her sun and her moon, and everything in her world. Her hold around his neck tightened slightly as the gentle sound of his muffled groan echoed softly in the air, filling her heart with a warmth she had never thought she would be able to feel before.


“Responsibility?” She echoed with a little smile, shaking softly her head. “And why would I even want to share it with you? You did nothing wrong Kaname, nothing. It is all on me here, I’m the one who’s making such a big fuss for a small, simple thing. I do not wish to see your shoulders carry the blame for me, please… Allow me to take the blame for my own actions, that’s all I ask.” The pureblood muttered quietly, biting ever so delicately her bottom lip, her ivory fangs glistening under the first, weak rays of the morning sun. “Making you happy is not a burden for me Kaname, it is my wish.” She corrected him with a little pinch on his arm, a cute pout on her lips. “Do not think that the only reason why I wish to do that is for the sake of your happiness. I’m not that selfless, and unfortunately not even that good of a liar to try to make you believe that.” The girl explained with a faint chuckle, clearing her throat once to push back those traitorous tears that threatened to escape from her already glossy eyes.

Right in that instant, every single thought in her mind, every concern, every fear, all the sorrow she had been carrying in her heart since the moment she had realised all she had put him through became secondary as his hold around her fragile frame tightened to the point of becoming almost painful. Any other would have felt almost trapped in that embrace, for her though, it was worth more than a thousand words. “The truth is that… I love to see you happy, it makes me happy too. To see a smile on your lips and a peaceful expression on your face… I want that, I want it all, the entire package. There is not a single day when I don’t wake up wishing to can see your smiling face as the very first thing in the morning, and while for you this may sound like a burden, for me it is nothing but a beautiful dream, probably the most beautiful of them all.” Yuuki whispered softly, her small head moving into a gentle nod as her nails dug themselves into the soft fabric of his dark coat, her porcelain face deeply buried into the crook of his neck.

They remained like that for what it felt like hours to her, it was really hard to believe it was just a few minutes. Regardless of the countless of embraces they had shared, and all the times they had already found themselves in the same position before, as the sound of his heartbeat echoed faintly at her ears, overwhelming the roaring sound of the water beneath their feet, Yuuki felt as if that was actually the first time she was truly able to feel him, to hold him for real this time around. Despite being constantly around each other, it was only during this kind of occasion that they could really enjoy their time together, without sudden interruptions. Since she had moved to the Kuran Mansion with him, Yuuki could not recall a single moment in which she had been able to feel as close to him as she was feeling right now. It was like the wall between them had just crumbled, leaving no more barriers to separate them from each other.


Her breath caught in her throat as his long fingers closed around her delicate wrist, a soft sigh escaping from her plump, rosy lips as he brought her hand up to place a gentle kiss upon her palm, making her smile softly against his neck. “Always the hero Kaname, right?” She commented with a little chuckle, shaking lightly her head. “When will you finally realise that I don’t need one anymore?” The princess told him simply, raising up her head a little as his thumb delicately stroked her cheek.

“I appreciate that you wish to do all these things for me, but… I don’t need a hero anymore. I don’t need to be protected every single second, I don’t need to be watched over everywhere I go, and I don’t need to be justified whenever I do something wrong.” She explained slightly exasperated, placing her hand upon his to keep it in contact with her cool skin. “Do not fret because of these kind of things, trust me a little bit more, mh?” The little pureblood asked with a small smile, trying to reassure him that she only meant well with her words, just like he did. “If your wish is to pry a little bit more into my thoughts than I will gladly allow you to do that, but please… don’t let my thoughts cause discomfort to you. It is not what I want, I do not wish to see you sad because of me.” She spoke tenderly, sealing her words with a small peck on his lips.


When their eyes met again so suddenly that night, Yuuki thought for a second that the time had just stopped around her, her heart beating so fast that it was almost impossible to mask its sound. She was only able to murmur a feeble 'thank you' as a response before the silence fell between them once again, leaving her unable to say or do anything for a couple of minutes. His eyes were so pretty… When exactly did she fell in love with his eyes? Yuuki honestly couldn’t remember. And why was she even thinking about that right now? Was it for the way he was looking at her perhaps? For the things he had just said?

Before she could even realise it, her face was once again buried against his chest, yet this time her small hands were clenching the front of his dark coat, as if trying to encourage him to move. Why was her throat so dry all of a sudden? “This-… This way then.” She stuttered nervously as her small hand travelled downwards in search of his, aimlessly leading the way over the small bridge to the other side of the pond, not exactly all that interested anymore in accomplishing those tasks that had brought them so far away from home in the first place. All she cared about right now was finding the quickest way that would have led them back home, away from the prying eyes of the other people. She needed some quiet, and possibly even a hot, scorching bath. Well… perhaps even two, after all.


The sun’s early morning light kissed the night and finger painted it in hues of deep purples and blues. The delicate pastels of dawn were painting themselves.  Light yellow and pink hues were beginning to emerge from the deep purple and black of the midnight blue night time. From a fair distance away, one could see the sun beginning to peek out from beneath the distant horizon, a deep and glowing ember steadily emerging in the distance.

A pair of silhouettes meandered within the shrinking shadows, at last approaching the manor’s grounds. The low creaking sound of the front doors opening was followed by the short taps of shoes as the pair entered the manor. The noise made between them soon disappeared into the cool air, allowing the grounds to resume their peaceful silence.

The entrance hall and corridors were well lit with lights from glass chandeliers and carved antique candle holders. The fireplace in the parlour travelled throughout the manor, welcoming its rooms and guests with a blessed warmth. Considering the amount of time they had spent walking, the unexpected warmth was all the more appreciated. It soothed Kaname’s tired limbs, seducing him into a dreary gaze.

With a deep breath, he lifted his chin high above his collar, and smoothed two hands down his dark trench coat, as if the single motion composed him. He then dragged a hand through the thick fall of his hair. The dark locks fell back in place like a silken curtain, framing the strong planes of his cheeks.

Kaname let an elegant shrug fall from his shoulder, removing himself from his coat. With another quiet sigh, he folded it neatly over his left arm. Steady resolve centred his eyes; warm amber – red in the firelight. The pureblood’s gaze travelled a warm trail over her, studying the brown depths of her eyes, truly seeing them now in the light. The identical amber hue glowed with heartfelt warmth, as she unfastened her coat.

The pureblood raised his hand from his side and took hold of her slim wrist. He stepped close enough to murmur in her ear.

“You must be tired.” His skin burned where he held her, his thumb lightly circling over her pulse. “Refresh yourself and get some rest. If you’d like, you can join me later in the parlour.”

Having said that, Kaname straightened to his full height squaring his shoulders; a slow smile curved his mouth.

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Would you like to go on being alive...?
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She'd grown her hair so long and beautiful...And then she cut it short, its such a pity.
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A picture is worth a thousand words.

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I enjoy all types of music! (btw is this an RP blog? > 0<)

Ah,I suppose it’s an RP blog, as well as where I upload my edits. It’s quite a mixture.

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Let me protect you

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And they lived happily ever after
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Yume Headcanon

My memories of the past are a blur but I’m sure I have seen those eyes somewhere before. A beautiful shade of chocolate brown with innocence mingled in them. I know I have met her thousand years ago like it was our destiny to cross paths. She was just a vision of the future, a ray of light in the darkness I lived in, it was just a fleeting moment, appearing before my eyes only for a second. Still I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I traveled through the world desperate to see her radiance once again. When I realized our meeting is impossible I went into slumber hoping to wake up in the future so that I can see her once again.

Soft, brown locks, beautiful eyes… I finally found you.

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A boy so caring and gentle. I shall protect him.
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Shizuka: Wherever you will go, there will be nothing but darkness, Kaname.
Kaname: Yes, I know.
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Born as the next leader of the Kuran clan...
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It was the first and the last time we saw Kaname sama act like a normal child.
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Vampire Knight, volume 19. (Large version)
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